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Choosing The Best Hunting Knife Sharpener

Hunting has been a part of many people’s lives around the world. A lot of people go hunting for fun, competition or as a hobby. Whatever the reason, the hunter is definitely going to need a good hunting knife set. As the time goes by the knife will become blunt so the hunter needs to choose the best hunting knife sharpener. There are a lot of hunting knife sharpeners.  Let’s check them out

Tri-6 3 Stone Best Hunting Knife Sharpener :

Perhaps one of the cheapest knife sharpeners around but with very good quality. It comes with triangle stone for easy rotation and a premium honing solution that protects and clean as it sharpens. Having 3 stones plus a non skid base with a “V” shape ending to prevent slip makes it a perfect sharpener for any kind of knife. This is the one tool that will be very useful for new users.

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker :

This sharpener gives an excellent and gentle edge on all of the knifes. It include two set of alumina ceramic stone, a medium grit brown stone for aggressive sharpening and a fine white stone for professional grade finishing. It is one of the easiest sharpener to use with a triangular type stone system. So just need to pull the knife down vertically and must be used dry without any oil or water to give the best result and to prevent damage on the sharpener or the knife.

knife sharpenerKnife sharpeners are mainly used for hunting knives and butchering only. But there are some which can be used for all kind of tools like hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors and an axe. That means this type of sharpener can be a multi-purpose tool either outdoor or indoor. Lets look at some of the sharpeners that can be used for this purpose

Hunter Honer :

This sharpener has been described as the only one that can sharpen serrated knifes without destroying them. Its patented flex design prevents peeling during the sharpening process. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and the warranty of never damaging the knife blades because of its delicate sharpener.
As for the hunting knife it can be put in any angle for sharpening and it will deliver the best result. It can sharpen any custom hunting knife. The sharpener also works on serrated edges, fish hooks, scissors and arrow rods.

V Sharp Warthog Sharpeners :

There are 3 types under one brand that can be used for multi-purpose

1) Classic II ( great for butchers and hunters )
2) XE ( great for boats and kitchens )
3) Curve ( maintains 25 angle )proper way to sharpen a knife

Many people have different ideas and methods when it comes to using sharpeners. There are housewives that use sharpeners made for kitchen knives and scissors and some are hunters that use more advanced knife sharpeners for butchering and hunting. But in case of a real hardcore hunter, that person definitely is going to need the best hunting knife sharpener. In that case see this item

Tru Hone Knife Sharpener :
Tru Hone knife sharpener is a heavy duty sharpener that can sharpen the knife in 1 minute while simultaneously grinds both bevels. It gives 50% longer knife life and completely eliminates a burr edge. The system is enclosed in a stainless steel case so it is easy to clean. And it is also built to last longer than any other sharpener.
The secret of Tru Hone knife sharpener is on its two pairs of honing wheels mounted on parallel shaft and contra rotate to change the overlap during the sharpening operation. A solid variable speed also makes sure that it maintain the speed of 1/2 horsepower to give a better, stable and precise sharpening.